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CASE STUDY #10: Chronic Lyme Disease

Our subject is a 51 year-old white female whose primary care physician estimates that she first contracted Lyme disease almost twenty years before it was officially diagnosed.  By 2008 her symptoms included progressive flu-like symptoms, constant dull aches, brain fog and complete loss of energy. Just to get the kids off to school and pick them up was a “heroic effort.”  The rest of the day she spent in bed, trying to revitalize. 


In 2008 her parents gifted her two of Master John Douglas’s audio CD Repair tools - Spirit Repair and Health Repair, which she now feels intuitively “paved the way for her eventual healing from Master John Douglas.”


She first met Master John Douglas at a seminar in Portland on May 12th, 2012. Even during the initial group healing, she was aware of a total transformation in her body, as it changed “from a constant background hum created by the large numbers of infectious agents to instant silence as all of the infectious agents were killed.”


Although the results of her blood tests were unknown to Master John Douglas,  as soon as he saw her he said, “you are 1000% Babesia infected, you got bit by the tick that drank from the sewer.”  In fact, Master John Douglas was correct, her lab tests were negative for Borrelia and positive for Babesia.


She reports that,  “intuitively I knew within seconds that, I was fully healed and my suffering was over.  She reports that Master John Douglas told her that all of her symptoms would disappear within five weeks if she followed the detox protocol exactly.”


She religiously followed the prescribed detox protocol involving daily salt baths, tourmaline foot patches, trace minerals, use of his body repair discs and listening to the audio CD/MP3 Repair tools. As predicted, after five weeks of this detoxification protocol the her symptoms completely disappeared and she has had no return of symptoms since that time.  She “feels better now than she did in her twenties or thirties.”


Similar to Jan in case study #7, who had a complete recovery from Sarcoidosis, our subject has now become a customer support service volunteer for others who are infected with Lyme disease.   As an Elite Development Course graduate, she is now dedicating her life to helping others with similar afflictions.




Graduates of Master John Douglas’s Elite Development Course are taught to verify the presence or absence of active Lyme disease not by blood tests, which are known to have many false positive and false negative results.  Given that Lyme can become embedded deep into the brain and central nervous system, where blood perfusion is scarce, the accuracy of lab tests for this disease is highly controversial.


Master John believes a more accurate assessment can be made by measuring the presence or absence of the pathognomonic wavelength frequency emanating from a variety of tick bites, including Borrelia bacteria, as well as measuring for the presence or absence of the tick’s signature toxins circulating in the brain, joints, or internal organs.


Using Master John’s techniques, Lyme disease is rarely found as an isolated Borrelia infection and typically has multiple co-infections, including parasitic animals that lay residual eggs to perpetuate their life cycles.


While Elite Development Course graduates can request that the Master Angels use the proper sonic frequencies to kill all the various co-infectious organisms, the eggs may be resistant to being eradicated by this technique.  In resistant cases, to kill the eggs one must use an herbal combination of black walnut, wormwood and cloves.  This combination is sold on the CMA website under the name “parasite repair.”   Antiparasitic pharmaceuticals are also effective in killing the eggs but have a much higher potential for more severe side effects.


In my observations of the many Lyme disease patients treated by this technique, recovery from chronic Lyme disease is complicated by the fact that many Lyme disease patients also have difficulty clearing the Lyme specific toxins, even after all the organisms are dead. According to Master John Douglas, “clairvoyantly, Lyme toxins are observed to be sticky, tar-like residues left in the physiology, which is why the healing phase of detoxification can take a year or more in chronic long-term cases.”


Many infected individuals have an additional difficulty detoxifying the Lyme toxins due to a glutathione enzyme malfunction. This malfunction can be discovered by the absence or weakness of the frequency signal associated with this specific physiologic process, as well as correlation with confirmatory lab work.  Supplementation with a glutathione spray (readily available at Amazon) applied to the back of the throat helps alleviate this problem and accelerates the detoxification process and healing for those with this enzymatic deficiency.


The saddest part of this story is that the prevalence of contracting an infection from tick vectors is rising rapidly. This economic opportunity has spawned an entire fraudulent industry of healers who claim to be Lyme experts and whom are bilking the public. Many of these claims unfortunately come from licensed health care professionals who charge many thousands of dollars monthly for work up, treatments and supplements, which fail to correct the root cause of this infection.


The cure for Lyme is really straightforward:



a)    Do a silent faith remote (SFR) healing available at the CMA website homepage or find an Elite Development Course graduate who can confirm the diagnosis by energetically measuring the signature frequency wave emanating from the organism and the frequency of its toxins. 


b)   Once the diagnosis is confirmed, then by virtue of the processes triggered by using a silent faith remote healing, an Angelic request to kill all of the associated infectious organisms will occur. Eradication of the infectious agents is really that simple.


c)    The more detailed and onerous part is strict follow up with the detox protocol that has been effective on thousands of people over a ten-year period. This protocol is available by contacting customer support at the CMA website.


I realize that my warning concerning licensed providers claiming to be Lyme experts may be taken as the highest form of ironic blasphemy, given that I am writing about Angelic transformation as the future cure for most infectious diseases.  But be forewarned, that anyone who attempts to enroll you in a monthly program at a large monthly cost is highly suspect (licensed provider or not).


Master John reminds us often, that, “there is no such clinical condition as “Chronic Lyme Disease”; it is either a misdiagnoses or poorly and inadequately treated primary Lyme disease.”

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