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Our subject is a 70 year-old white female who was first diagnosed with leukemia by finding unanticipated abnormalities on her routine blood work on July 10th of 2015.  She was having no clinical symptoms and presented to her primary care doctor for her routine annual checkup and blood work.  At that time, her white blood cells (WBCs) were mildly elevated at 17.3 (reference range 3.4 – 10.8) and her platelets were slightly low at 137 (reference range 150 – 379).


She was immediately referred to an oncologist who held off on using any conventional medical treatment but continued to follow her status with serial blood analysis every 2 – 3 months.  During this period of time, the patient self-treated, taking multiple herbs from a local naturopathic physician and observed a very restrictive diet with no sugar, gluten or dairy.  However, despite her attempts at natural healing, her white blood cell (WBC) count rapidly rose from 38 thousand to 85 thousand over a short period of time. 


In 2017 her oncologist warned her that she had a life expectancy of three years even with standard conventional treatment, as she has an increased risk factor known as a chromosome deletion of Tp53, which sits on the #17 gene.


She sought out a second opinion at Duke Medical Center and conventional medical treatment was initiated as an inpatient on 10/16/17.  At this juncture her WBCs were very elevated at 385 thousand and she demonstrated a classical anemic CLL shift with a markedly low neutrophil % of 1.6 (normal reference range of   37% - 80%) and markedly high lymphocyte count of 231.4 (normal reference range 0f 0.6 – 4.2).  In  short, a classic picture of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). 


She received transfusions three times over a 10-day period as an inpatient,  with chemo being given for three consecutive days at a time.  She continued to receive intravenous chemo treatments in November and was then switched to oral treatment in December of 2017.  However, she developed increased bruising and atrial fibrillation secondary to the oral medications.  To reduce these side effects, her medications were then switched to another oral medication after six months. 


Current medications include:  Acyclovir 200mg, twice daily; Sertraline HCL 12.5 mg once daily; Calquence 100 mg twice daily and Metoprolol added recently for continued atrial fibrillation.


On 12/26/17 she was told that her spleen measured two times normal size at 25cm and it most likely would need to be removed.


She deferred on the surgical removal of her spleen, in order to see Master John Douglas at a seminar being held on 6/2/18 near her hometown.  After her session with MJD, her follow up F-18 FDG PET/CT scan from the skull base to the mid thighs on 8/15/18 was read as completely normal with no aggressive lesions and no abnormal osseous FDG activity.


Following her personal session with Master John her WBC count also dropped to normal at 6.4 (reference range 3.2 – 9.8).  On 3/26/18, her last WBC count prior to seeing Master John had been 65.9 (reference range 4.8 – 10.8)


As of August 2019, the patient remains alive and active.  Her latest labs show a normal lactate dehydrogenase of 128, a normal WBC count of 4.7,  a normal hemoglobin/hematocrit of 12.4/37.7, mildly reduced platelets of 122 (normal reference of 150 – 450) and mildly reduce neutrophils of 1.8 (normal reference of 2.0 – 8.5).


Ultrasound of the spleen on 5/1/19 is stable and unchanged from 7/19/2018.


Repeat bone marrow on 6/5/19 shows a 5% residual CLL involvement in a 50% cellular bone marrow.  No circulating blasts or abnormal lymphocytes are noted.  No granulomas or metastatic tumor deposits are identified.


Is the improvement in her blood work and scans purely due to a cumulative effect of her ongoing chemotherapy or is Master John Douglas responsible for the sudden positive reversal in her signs and symptoms after she initially saw him?


We will never know the answer to that question for sure.  Master John often says that, “the combination of chemotherapy and angelic reformation work hand in hand.  There is a big difference (in efficacy) between chrmotherapy used alone and chemotherapy directed by Divine intention.”


Of interest academically, is that following her Master John Douglas healing on 6/2/18, the clinical signs of her CLL improved – the reduction of her splenomegaly, the normalization of her PET/CT scans, blood work and bone marrow but her genetic deletion and shortened telomeres, putting her at risk for a worse prognosis,  remains the same.  In other words, there was no regrowth of additional length to her telomeres to correct her mutagenic deletion on a genetic level. 




The significance of this observation, the failure of her telomeres to repair and regrow is further evidence of the fact, as Master John Douglas has repeatedly told us at the Elite Development Courses as well as stating publicly, “that not everything can be healed at this juncture in time.   As the collective consciousness of the world continues to improve, then additional breakthroughs in healing will be allowed to manifest.  We have not been given permission to completely cure diabetes, hypertension, genetic diseases and all forms of cancer.  Nor are we allowed to reverse the central nervous system damage already incurred in many neurologic diseases and dementias.  However, someday we will just be able to grow a new arm…”


The optimism and certainty of this statement may seem unrealistic or delusional to the general public, who have not had the good fortune to work closely with Master John Douglas and observe the evolution of his knowledge base and the ever improving clinical results over time.   However, as someone who has had the opportunity to watch him over a ten-year period, I have witnessed the truth of this prediction in action many times. 


Year by year, additional layers of knowledge become more available.  Subjects who were previously not able to be healed fully are now able to be healed more completely.  Master John Douglas explains this phenomenon from his standpoint as, “deeper layers of pathology or pathological processes are blocked from my clairvoyant vision until Nature in her Divine Timing decides it is right to unfold another level of knowledge to the world.”


Case study # 6 (presumed genetic immunodeficiency) is the perfect example of this phenomenon in action, as Master John Douglas followed her medical condition regularly for over 12 years.  Initially, he was able to heal some aspects (such as her original diagnosis of Lyme disease) but was unable to heal all aspects (such as the unknown segmented worm eating her IgG immunoglobulins) until Divine Timing allowed him to do so.


This gives a whole new perspective between the relationship of  scientific progress/technology and the rise of what Master John Douglas calls “world consciousness.”  In other words, what we are able to manifest in this world is directly related to the sum total of energies reflected in the “soup” that is measurable as “world consciousness.”  While this sounds very far-fetched to the average person, and certainly complicates the equation for why specific events happen to a person, community, nation or the world as a whole, I can assure you that there is a discrete frequency signal which is measurable for “world consciousness,” no different from a discrete frequency signal indicating which negative life form is the root cause of a given disease state.  Furthermore, this measurement of “world consciousness,” (the deservingness of manifesting x, y, or z on the planet at any given time) which can be directly experienced by scanning, is clearly influenced by specific events of a spiritual nature.


For example, the level of charitable giving, manifestations of goodwill towards others, certain forms of ritualistic prayer and even the existence and measurable impact of the annual Elite Development Courses all affect this measurement known as “world consciousness.” 


It may surprise the reader to know that the relationship between TM meditation practiced in large groups and the manifestation of independent variables of societal conflict or harmony have all been published in indexed scientific peer reviewed journals as part of the scientific evidence base for many decades.  In other words, the influence of consciousness as a defined energy, focused in a defined manner (specific form of meditation) and its ability to alter independently controlled variables within society (crime rates, hospitalization rates, etc.) is a reproducible event already demonstrated in the scientific literature.14,15


While I am very familiar with this knowledge brought forth by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the TM movement,  and these publications documenting the positive effect of mediation on seemingly independent societal variables, I believe that this entire subject of inquiry has now evolved even further.  The insights shared by Master John Douglas though his ability to expand our medically related knowledge of the cause/effect relationships which underlie his ability to perform long-term medical remissions by miraculous healings has revealed deeper layers of Natural Law. He has revealed why science, technology and spirituality must be reconciled with each other for science and the practice of medicine to evolve to a more accurate paradigm, which is more capable of solving the complex problems we now face.

It is a difficult pill to swallow that the behavior of oneself, one’s family, one’s ancestors, one’s community, state or nation is all part of a feedback loop that determines how world consciousness plays out and how disease and/or misfortune manifests for each of us.  The cosmic perspective needed to understand the enormity of this reality is not natural to the human condition. 


It is rejected by our subconscious, our conscious mind and our ego,  which likes to believe in the illusion of control.   Furthermore, our societal structures and conditioning  typically teach us to avoid taking personal responsibility for our actions, as it is always easier and more psychologically comfortable to blame others (be they individuals or institutions).


Yet, this failure to understand the deeper laws that govern our realty is precisely the source of the imbalance we discussed at the beginning of the book.  Following the “trail of bread crumbs” suggested in this book is exactly the corrective action plan necessary to rebalance our world’s precarious position with regard to world consciousness and the fate of our planet. 


The corrective action plan is simple: 

Know yourself…, Know your God… and Know your place in the universe;


Love yourself…, Love your God… and Love your place in the universe. 


Sounds simple;

Is simple on one level but…

Requires some focus and discipline on another level…

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