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Intrigued by the miracles?

If you have made it to this section of the site you may now be intrigued by the miracles documented here, witnessed and studied by myself and my other medical colleagues. While the focus of this site is more scientific, and the focus of the website ( of Master John Douglas and the Church of the Master Angels ("CMA") is more spiritual, the evolution of our planet depends on science, technology and spirituality becoming one discipline.  To understand either is to understand all.  The truth and breadth of Natural Law which is unlocked by understanding the mechanics of Angelic Reformation is now required for us to transcend the human limited perspective that has created our present day problems worldwide.

For someone scientifically trained, much of what you read on the CMA website will seem fantastical and unbelievable, but if I have learned anything from watching Master John Douglas perform miracles for over ten years, it is that everything on the CMA website should be taken literally.  

If you would like to have an opportunity to own the knowledge shared throughout this site and my book, I invite you to consider applying for the Elite Development Course HERE


For more inspiration, click on this video featuring a compilation of messages of gratitude from a few of the participants in the 2019 Elite courses.

-- Richard L. Sarnat, M.D.

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