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CASE STUDY #3: Marfan Syndrome

The subject of case study #3 is a 46 year-old male who is a high school history teacher.  He  is very athletically inclined and he formerly coached multiple sports at his school.  His father, who was an infectious disease specialist, also had Marfan Syndrome, which is not surprising given that it is an autosomal dominant disease (50% chance of passing it on to your children).  The father, unfortunately,  is now deceased from lymphoma, not from Marfan Syndrome.  The daughter of our history teacher has been genetically tested and does not carry the Marfan genetic trait.


As a young child our case study had very poor eyesight with high myopia, typical of Marfan subjects.  He is also 6 foot 7 inches and has the classic Marfan appearance physically (tall and thin, with an unusually long wingspan).


10 years ago, while undergoing the extraction of multiple wisdom teeth, he spontaneously had his first cardiac event and was rushed to the local emergency room,  where he was found to have a markedly enlarged heart due to regurgitation from a mostly obstructed aortic valve. 


He proceeded to have emergency surgery for a complete aortic root/valve replacement (prosthesis) with the preeminent Marfan cardiothoracic surgeon at Johns Hopkins.  His cardiac status has been stable since his surgery, although he now must utilize Benicar and Metoprolol to control his systemic hypertension, Coumadin to avoid blood clots due to the valve prosthesis and utilize a C-pap machine for sleep apnea.


His surgeon explained that, “aortic valve failure typically happens to Marfan patients in their fifties and sixties.  It was unusual for his to fail at age 35.”


While his cardiac status was now stable postoperatively, he “still felt like he was 60 years old.”  His Marfan Syndrome had now affected both shoulders to the point where he was about to schedule bilateral rotator cuff surgeries.  His formerly active life athletically, both as a high school sports coach and as a high-level recreational player “had put him on the sidelines, more in the capacity of a nonparticipating athletic director.”  If he tried to do a corner kick with his girl’s-soccer team or pitch to his baseball team, “he would inevitably traumatize his body to the point where his joints would be swollen and painful.”  He was living with “day to day pain of 8/10 and a severely reduced quality of life.”


At this juncture in his life, our history teacher was unacquainted with Master John Douglas.  Fortunately, his wife had listened to some of the audio CDMP3 repair tools and “she convinced him to attend a seminar in Santa Fe, as visiting this city had always been on their bucket list.” 


Our history teacher, like many of our other case studies, reported feeling “extremely serene and peaceful during the seminar and group healing session.”  When he drew lottery ticket #1, to see Master John as the first one-on-one session, “he just had a good feeling that something special was about to happen.”


During his one-on-one session with Master John he reports that, “MJD nailed everything; he described my father’s illness (non-Marfan related) and details that he could not have possibly known.”


He describes his session as, “being very locked-in and symbiotic with Master John – my body was tingling all over with a sensation that is hard to describe.”  At the end of the session, “ I felt way different, 10 years younger; I was actually able to raise my arms and give him a hug (where pre-session, raising his arms to that degree had been impossible).”


The day following the session with Master John Douglas, he reports that, “my Fitbit showed that I walked 22,000 steps that day, when formerly my limit would have been 6000 steps.  I no longer had the shortness of breath that would limit my activity.  I no longer felt the extreme tiredness that would force me to take a nap in the middle of the day.”


Since that healing session with Master John Douglas, which occurred on May 22nd, 2016, his chronic pain and shortness of breath has never returned.  He reports being able to resume full activity which is age appropriate once again.  “Sure, I will feel routine aches and pains if I overdue it athletically, but I can still hang in there for 3 sets with my daughter who is on the high school tennis team.  My energy level has returned to normal and I lead a very active life at both work and play.”


He reports that , “he never had to follow through with the anticipated rotator cuff surgeries, much to the surprise of his orthopedic surgeons, who are unable to explain why I am better.”  He reports that, “at his annual cardiology exams I have always exceeded expectations and so he was released from his annual participation in the Johns Hopkins Marfan cardiac study.”


Although he has never attended another Master John Douglas seminar since his healing in 2016, he reports that, “I feel like he (MJD) looks in on me from time to time; I wish that I could just run into him and say hi – that I feel very blessed and think the world of him.”




Similar to what we will discover in case study #6, a presumed genetic immune deficiency syndrome, in this case study we see that another presumed genetic disease is “cured”, once the underlying occult infection is identified and eradicated.


Master John Douglas discovered using his clairvoyant vision, that Marfan Syndrome is actually caused by a Nano-bacteria living in the soft tissues and joints. The classic clinical signs of Marfan Syndrome are actually secondary side effects created by the infectious Nano-bacteria, which create dehydration of the infected tissues and a resulting flaking away of tissue integrity.


During the personal one-on-one session, Master John Douglas was able to go back in time and scan the father’s physiology for the existence of the same Nano-bacteria now affecting his son.  As the same Nano-bacteria was found to be present in the father’s physiology, the root cause of this disease now must be understood as infectious, although it mimics a hereditary disease.  What is genetically inherited is the immune systems susceptibility to be infected with this specific infectious organism, not the disease itself.

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