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Case Study #15: Salivary Gland Stone


Our subject ("CS #15) is a 67 year old white female who suddenly developed pain and swelling in the area of her jaw.  This onset of pain and swelling initially occurred a few days before attending a series of Master John Douglas seminars being held over a 3-day holiday weekend at the CMA chapel which is located in Boone,  NC. 


Given this new onset of jaw pain and swelling, before leaving for Boone she saw a dentist to evaluate her situation.  Her dentist then sent her to see an oral surgeon for surgical evaluation.  Her diagnosis at that time was a stone in the duct of her salivary gland, which was obstructing the normal outflow of the gland into the oral cavity.  The oral surgeon prescribed amoxicillin to hopefully “hold her over the weekend, until she could return in a few days for definitive surgical treatment.”


However, given her past history of having severe complications from conventional medicine (severe allergic reaction during a colonoscopy), she did not utilize the antibiotic prescription before attending the Master John Douglas seminars.  She persisted to go without antibiotic treatment even though her jaw pain and inflammation kept increasing until “the swelling in her jaw had now reached the size of a lemon.”


At the seminar she received a silent faith remote (SFR) ,which was focused on her jaw pain as well as receiving the more generalized group healing.  By the next morning upon waking, she reported a “50% reduction in the size of the swelling, pain and inflammation.”


Later that day, she had a personal 5-minute session with Master John Douglas to discuss her diffuse joint pains,  as well as the stone in her salivary gland.  Master John explained that,  “both her diffuse joint pains and the formation of the dslivsry stone were related to an metabolic abnormality affecting her mineralization.  He also believed that, this metabolic abnormality was encoded on the level of her genes.”


He said that, “he would attempt to alter the genetic susceptibility and correct the root cause of her continuing inflammation.”  She also had a second silent faith remote (SFR) performed, by virtue of being an attendee at a second event over that same weekend.


Upon waking the following morning, after the second SFR, she was overjoyed to find that the stone had spontaneously expressed itself  though her duct and was now sitting in her mouth. 


Upon her return home, she followed-up with her oral surgeon,  who confirmed by CT scan that no further calcifications or stones remained in her gland. 


Our subject has had previous miraculous healings at other seminars,  which have cured “plantar fasciitis, as well as chronic neck pain secondary to a previous injury.”


Her past medical history is complicated for a previous prolactin secreting pituitary adenoma requiring microsurgery, cardiac conditions including a right bundle branch block and mitral valve prolapse, a left knee ganglion cyst which was surgically removed and multiple female health issues, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids and ectopic pregnancies.


She currently takes no medications.


After this recent miraculous healing, she sent in the following unsolicited testimonial: 


“Every day when I get out of bed and walk without pain, I am so grateful to you and the Master Healing Angels for the previous SFRs that cured plantar fasciitis.  And I am also grateful to you every day when I tilt my head back with ease to wet and rinse my hair in the shower for the miraculous healing of my neck, from numerous injuries throughout my life, from a SFR at the first-ever Washington DC “C Event".

With my love, gratitude and full faith,”  CS #15


Photo taken by CS #15 of the salivary gland sialolith (stone) spontaneously expressed into her mouth upon waking the morning after her second weekend MJD seminar.



For those who wish to remain skeptical, her attendance at the seminars and the spontaneous resolution of her problem could be pure coincidence and nothing more.  If this were an isolated event, then that would be a defensible intellectual argument.


However, given the context of my observations concerning the healings of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of medical cases (many with “incurable” diseases states) and the temporal relationship of having seen Master John Douglas the prior day and knowing that he specifically had an intention to alter her physiology at the level of the root cause genetically, it does give one pause to question whether or not a cause and effect relationship does in fact exist…

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