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Case Study #6: Idiopathic Chronic Low Back Pain (self-reported)


I am a 66 year old physician who is athletically active on a daily basis. Although I do have a chronic history of low back pain originally from trauma, which has resulted in chronically bulging disc disease in my lumbar region, my symptoms have been clinically stable for many decades despite the continuous ominous appearance of my MRI.


Although I first met Master John Douglas almost ten years ago and although I have observed him perform many seeming miraculous cures at various public seminars, it wasn't until seven years ago that I actually had a miraculous healing performed on myself.


At that time for no obvious reason I suddenly developed severe debilitating lower back pain which impacted my routine activities of daily living (ADLs), as we say in the healthcare world. I was unable to do any of my athletic endeavors, let alone routine household activities.


Being a specialist in chronic pain I attempted to heal myself by using the usual modalities, which had always been successful previously.  I tried using all manner of pharmaceuticals, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, etc.


I tried multiple chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. In short, I tried  everything that I thought had a remote possibility of helping. Unfortunately, nothing helped alleviate my pain, which was constant and debilitating, emanating from my right ilio-sacral joint.


Luckily, I just happened to be in the vicinity of Master John Douglas and for the first time I inquired whether he might take a few moments and see if he could help me.


To my amazement, within less than a minute he looked into my body, waved his hands around and then 90% of my pain instantly disappeared. Even though I had seen him perform miracles on other people many times, I hadn't really expected to be healed so quickly. I was totally amazed and very grateful to finally be feeling better.


Master John then went on to explain what the cause of my problem had been and how to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.  He explained that, “I had what he called internal gout, which is a malfunction of the kidneys leading to a buildup of acidity in the body. This acidity then causes calcium oxalate crystals to be deposited in any location within the physiology and these crystals create burning, pain and dysfunction in any anatomical area. He also explained that in my geographic area almost 35% of the population have some level of this problem.”


He then told me to start taking Blue Ocean minerals, a distillate from the Great Barrier Reef.  He said that, “within minutes of my ingesting these minerals, the kidneys would begin to correct their acid/base dysfunction and thus lay the foundation to avoid a reoccurrence.”


He also suggested that,  I begin using a hot detoxification bath with two pounds of sea salt, one pound of Epsom salt and one pound of baking soda daily.  He explained that this exact combination of bath salts will help to pull out the toxins which had been created by this physiological imbalance over the past few months.


I did exactly what he recommended.  By the next morning, although I felt much better, perhaps 25% of my previous pain had returned. Again, I was fortunate that Master John was in town for multiple seminars over that weekend and I had the opportunity to have him look into my physiology once again.


He eyeballed me for a few seconds, waved his hands around and this time 100% of the pain instantly disappeared. He explained that the acid and crystals, which had built up over many months, were still leeching out of my physiology and things would continue to improve over time.


In the seven or so years that have transpired since this event, I have never had this type of  pain return. I credit that good track record to the fact that I have ingested the recommended minerals daily since that time and attempt to take detox baths as often as possible.




Since becoming an Elite Course Graduate in 2013, I have had the ability to verify for myself the appearance of “internal gout” in many other people and it’s hallmark sign of disseminated calcium oxalate crystals throughout the body.  Likewise, as Master John first noticed,  I do find it very prevalent in certain geographies.  Perhaps it is due to the widespread use of fertilizers and pesticides, as I live in a rural farming community. Perhaps it is due to certain diets or a combination of many variables yet to be determined in the future.


In any case, what is clear to me at this time is that the hallmark of this clinical presentation is the finding of extra vascular calcium oxalate crystals throughout the body. Again, this is measured on the level of consciousness by the art of “scanning.” These crystals are only deposited in extra vascular tissues in a pathological state,  thus confirming the diagnosis. Luckily, just as in my case, my experience in helping others is that the clinical course can be reversed fairly rapidly.


A note of caution to those with a background in medicine. While Master John has named this condition “internal gout”, it in no way resembles the classical definition of Gout, the hallmark of which is a dysfunction of elevated Uric Acid.


Over the years I have also seen many other occult causes for severe musculoskeletal pain besides internal gout. Some of the more rare and surprising etiologies are:


1.    Viruses attacking the spinal roots of selected nerves.

2.    Microscopic colonies of bacteria located on the ball/socket of various joints.

3.    Iatrogenic mold attacking muscles or joints secondary to the use of antibiotics.

4.    Many negative life forms in the joints or muscles which are unknown to conventional medicine.

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