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To aid with the launch of the book entitled "MEDICAL MIRACLES: Medical Insights Gained from Observations of Angelic Reformation (Book One), and the dissemination of the knowledge contained in this book, a non-profit LLC has been founded, The STS Foundation. “STS” is short for Science, Technology and Spirituality. I am but a spokesman on behalf of the Foundation and wish to remind the reader that this book and my observations are not to be taken as medical advice from a physician.  Rather, my words are to be taken from the perspective of a medically trained observer, vouching for the validity and reproducibility of this specific opportunity for faith-based healing via the knowledge presented by Master John Douglas, as the head of the Church of the Master Angels (CMA).

This book was authored and prepared by Dr. Richard Sarnat, in his personal capacity.  The opinions and views expressed herein are his own. They do not purport to reflect, and are not authorized to be stated as, the opinions or views of CMA International Foundation, d/b/a Church of the Master Angels (a Delaware not-for-profit organization), Global S.E.L.F. Foundation (a Delaware not-for-profit organization) or any of their Directors, Officers, members, agents, representatives and/or employees.

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