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Case Study #11: Chronic Staph Infection


Our subject is a 46 year old white female who began having inner ear pain in December of 2017.  The pain was initially in her left ear and then spread to include both ears.  She denies having any hearing loss associated with this illness.  The pain progressively increased in intensity to a constant 7/10 peaking at 10/10.  The infection then ultimately externalized, affecting the skin surrounding both of her ears. 


Over time, she formed bilateral abcesses on the external skin surrounding both of her ears.  She required surgical drainage of both abcesses, which took place at her physicians office. Unfortunately, her surgical wound failed to properly heal.  When her stitches were removed, the surgeon had to leave the wound open and allow it to granulate in (heal from inside out), which is a recomended strategy for chronically infected tissues.


In March of 2018, while still healing, she noticed a red streak visible under her skin, originating near her ear and traveling down her neck line.  Fearing that this was the early onset of “blood poisoning,” she was directed by her physician to immediately proceed to the emergency room, which she did. 


While at the emergency room, her intuition told her that, “I (she) was being exposed to additional pathogens in the hospital setting.” The ER physician was able to diagnose a staph infection and she proceeded to take three cycles of oral antibiotics, each cycle lasting  2 weeks.  Unfortunately, despite her usage of oral antibiotics for 6 weeks, followup cultures and sensitivities showed that she still had a low grade infection - that the infection was still smoldering.


She attended her first Master John Douglas seminar in May of 2018, while still on oral antibiotics.  This seminar which is known as a “C-event,” typically has 4-6 attendees who are chosen to receive public healings in front of the entire audience (and worldwide telephonic audience). 


C-events are structured to be teaching events for the Elite Devlopment Course graduates, so they can follow the decision tree, as to how Master John Douglas approaches each unique case presentation.  MJD vocally describes what he is seeing using all of his 19 expanded clairvoyant senses and the reasoning behind the exact order of his exploration.   This allows the Elite graduates to then scan and replicate his findings in real-time, to verify for themselves the reality of what Master John is experiencing.  In other words, this creates a similar situation to my scanning of Master John’s findings involving Dana’s infected left knee prosthesis in case study #1 and my ability in real-time to verify the existence and then the eradication of the frequency of the negative life form known as a “pharmaceutical animal.


On the C-event intake form where our subject described her illness, she stated that, “I believe I have a mutated infection and I am also suspicious that the infection is located in my right hip as well.”  She had been experiencing right hip pain for the past two months, with no antecedent obvious trauma or etilology.


At the C-event, Master John reported to the audience that she did, in fact, “have a hospital acquired mutated superbug that had infected both her ears and her right hip.”  He also said that, “her left big toe was harboring the original staph infection.  The staph migrated from her ear to her toe, where it could successfully hide from the antibiotics being taken orally.”  This is due to the well known medical fact that there is poor circulation of blood flow in the foot area.  In retrospect,  she realized that her left big toe had been red and swollen for some time and that the nail had also stopped growing (one has to marvel at the intelligence of Nature and how each life form will be creative to survive against all odds). 


She reports that, “once Master John healed the superbug, within seconds (my) her pain immediately was gone.  I had been in pain ranging anywhere from 7/10 to 10/10 since December.  That night, following the C-event, was the first night I could sleep comfortably on my side, my ear to the pillow, like a normal person.”


She continues to be pain free since her public healing at the C-event, 15 months ago.


Her past medical history is remarkable for endometriosis, which was surgically treated. 


She also reports that,  “she self-diagnosed malignant polyps at 25 years of age by intuition alone.”  At first, she was very frustrated with the medical establishment for “refusing to take her intuition seriously, because I was so young.  Intuitive I am (she says); a hypochondriac I’m not.”



It is always interesting in retrospect to query the case study subjects on their own inner perception of their internal journey and the healing that took place.


Our subject was introduced to Master John Douglas by a friend from her meditation group.  She investigated the CMA website and knew intuitively that this knowledge would be beneficial for her.


Her first experience of a Master John Douglas audio process was listening to Geometric Patterning” in early November 2017, before the onset of her ear infections.  Speaking about her illness, she says,


“I now realize that this was a cosmic setup to trigger my suffering,  so that I would find Master John Douglas in order to receive my healing and build my faith.  This healing was a profound experience, beyond just physical healing.”


She also recounts that in January of 2018 she spontaneously started to wake up at 4 am to meditate.  “I knew this, too,  was part of the  cosmic setup and part of my journey, although I had no idea of how it would unfold.”


Master John always jokes that, “my butt is on the line for all the world to see,” when he describes the spontaneity of the C-event public healings.  Having observed multiple C-events over the past few years, I have to admit that,  from the standpoint of being both a clinician and an Elite Development course graduate,  these events are my favorite format within the public seminar offerings.

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