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A Note from Richard L. Sarnat, M.D.

"How Much Proof is enough?"

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I don’t pretend to even know all the questions that should be asked. All I know is that for ten years, I have witnessed directly or indirectly, thousands of medical miracles which defy current scientific medical explanations.

As a medical professional acting more like a medical historian, attempting to document what I have been privileged to witness, all I can do is take you on this journey with me in the hopes that together we will arrive at a better understanding of reality than if I take this journey alone.

Like most of our case studies, the diagnostic process of identification of the infectious agent, killing of the infectious agent, and the immediate reversal of symptoms, suggests a cause and effect relationship that underlies her recovery.

Most importantly, the case studies reported herein, are not an historical retrospective of random miracles that have occurred to worthy individuals deserving of special spiritual blessing, as has been documented historically in the theological mystical literature describing the lives of many Saints. e case studies presented here are the evidence of deliberate and scientifically verify- able miraculous healings and medical remissions, where the mechanisms of action are not only revealed but are taught and can be replicated by the general human population–by those of us who work with Master John Douglas’s tools, attend his seminars and take the Elite Development Course.

As Master John always says: “How much proof do people need? Who else can teach you how to kill a virus, a parasite, molds, yeast and fungus? Who else can give you the knowledge and power to protect your family and friends from the future horrors of the microbial world, like flesh eating bacteria? Who else in the recorded annals of history has ever performed this many scientifically documented miracles?”

The short answer: no one that I am aware of.

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