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Our subject is a 66 year-old white female who has been in good health and practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 48 years.  Although not to the same degree as Master John, her longstanding practice of TM meditation has refined her ability for celestial clairvoyant perception, enabling her both to see and hear the angelic world.


In January of this year (2019),  beginning three weeks before her impending cardiac event (which occurred in February) she reports that while awake,  in a normal state of consciousness, “a large angel would appear to her and ask her if she was interested in accepting a new assignment (in other words, leaving this body/incarnation and reincarnating elsewhere).  This angel appeared to her on three separate occasions with the same message.”  She did not answer the angel directly but remembers that her attitude was one of “being open to however life unfolded.” 


The Sunday morning of her cardiac event, she remembers sitting at her kitchen table after breakfast reading emails.  Suddenly, she experienced a strange cramp emanating from her heart and spreading throughout her central core.  This “cramp” progressed  to include both her arms and legs.  At this point she lost all muscle control and fell off her chair onto the kitchen floor.  She also remembers having left jaw pain at this time.


Luckily, her telephone was in reach on top of the table where she had collapsed.  She was able to call 911 and crawl on the floor (“GI Joe style”) to open the front door for the paramedics. While crumpled on the floor, she also had the presence of mind to send an emergency text describing her medical emergency to Master John as well as to other Elite Development course graduates who are close friends. 


These friends immediately began treating her to alleviate her symptoms.  They also initiated a silent faith remote healing (SFR) to reach Master John on the Church of the Master Angels website.  She also remembers requesting help from the angelic kingdom, while incapacitated on the kitchen floor. 


By the time the paramedics arrived at the local emergency room (ER),  her dizziness and left jaw pain still persisted but she was now able to ambulate.  At the local ER an EKG and blood work was done, which was highly suspicious for an acute myocardial infarction (ST inversion of lead #3 on EKG and elevated troponin T of 0.07 – normal <0.03/panic is >0.09) and so she was sent by ambulance to a regional university affiliated medical center for further evaluation and treatment.


The medical center admitted her to a cardiac telemetry ward for additional blood work and cardiac monitoring, while she awaited a cardiac catheterization (angiogram) on Monday morning.


She surprised her new cardiologist when the Monday morning echo and angiogram were both found to be normal.  Her invasive cardiologist had told her preoperatively that,  “she had a 95% chance of needing a stent and would probably be taking two different cardiac pharmaceuticals for the rest of her life.” 


After her angiogram, her invasive cardiologist told her that, “she was completely mystified by what had happened; that it made no medical sense.”


She has remained stable since this single cardiac event and requires no medications.  Her past medical history was unremarkable prior to this event.


In retrospect she realizes that a “profound shift took place while she was in the local ER, which enabled her to again function to the point of ambulation.”


When interviewed regarding this case, her friends who are Elite graduates described being able to “see an infectious organism which was creating the hyper-viscosity of her blood.  They also requested for the Master Healing Angels to help kill the organism and correct the blood viscosity and hyper-agglutination.  By the time they scanned the body for the infectious root cause of the cardiac episode, they report that the silent faith remote (SFR) blessing had already moved the primary blood clot out of her heart and into her spleen, thus averting the danger.”  If one follows this according to the timeline, all of this occurred between the time the text for help was sent and the patient presented to the emergency room.


Interestingly, after her full recovery, the angel who had visited her three times prior to the cardiac event again “spoke” to her.  Our patient was “concerned whether her decision to stay in this body at this time would be problematical in the larger view of things.”


The angel communicated to her that, “her decision to stay is not a problem at all, as the realm she would have been assigned to has a very different experience of time – no matter how long she lives on earth it would be like showing up to work only 20 seconds late.”

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