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Where Medical Science and Angelic Miracles Meet

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Medical Miracles by Richard Sarnat M.D..

"Our health care system is a misnomer. From a scientific basis, we have no idea how to even define “health,” yet alone create it. So let's be honest and admit that we have a disease care system, where science has become increasing more sophisticated about discovering biological markers of early, active or impending disease.  The social determinants of disease are well known and our analytics and predictive modeling for future disease manifestation continue to improve annually.  Yet, we are not creating health; we are not changing the trends or prevalence of chronic disease itself, because the root cause of most chronic diseases is still unknown.


Yes, there have been isolated breakthroughs where the true mechanisms of action for the cause of a given disease on a genetic level have been discovered.


Yes, we do a reasonable job of treating acute life-threatening illness and trauma and


Yes, there are a few miracle pharmaceuticals or focused surgical procedures successfully correcting known isolated malfunctions in physiology.


However, even in these few instances where we have enough scientific information to “play God,” we are wholly ignorant of the ramifications, side effects and remote long-term consequences of our medical decisions and actions upon the millions of other variables at work in our physiology, let alone our universe.


MEDICAL MIRACLES points the way to a new paradigm of health care knowledge and technology.  This new paradigm allows us to rethink the mechanics of how and why chronic and incurable diseases are increasing and suggest a possible solution to this problem."

-- Richard L. Sarnat, M.D.

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Richard L. Sarnat, M.D. graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Washington University in St. Louis with a triple focus of philosophy, psychology and premed. He completed his medical degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago and his residency at Northwestern University.


He is a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon and was an early pioneer in the field of co-management between optometrists and ophthalmologists as a population-based solution for underserved areas. He continued to be an innovator in population-based solutions by co-founding Advanced Medicine Integration Group, L.P. (AMI), which contracted with HMO-Illinois, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield company, to form the countries first patient-centered integrative medicine Independent Physicians Association (IPA) in 1999. AMI was also the first company in the USA to obtain waivers from the federal government to allow for the utilization of acupuncture and massage therapy as a covered benefit in the Medicaid population.

Richard was a founding board member of New Chapter Inc., which formulated the nation’s first organic food-based vitamin/supplement line and was the largest vitamin/mineral/supplement company in the USA when it sold to Proctor and Gamble in 2012.

He has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for more than 40 years. He is a graduate of the Master John Douglas Elite Development Training Course.



BY Richard L. SARNAT, M.D.

The following medical studies have been published in peer-reviewed and indexed medical journals. Over time, it is of the utmost importance that the information contained within these essays be subjected to the rigors of well-designed clinical trials and substantiated within accepted scientific circles. However, that will take many years, many dollars, and overcoming a biased array of economic vested interests, political bias, institutional bias, religious bias, and scientific bias.


For those who are suffering from "incurable" diseases now -- do we really have that time?

Published Medical Studies

“We have come a long way from the time of Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, the medical father of antiseptic hand washing. He was ridiculed and mocked by his contemporaries because they couldn’t ‘see’ the germs he was trying to destroy, in spite of his enormous success in reducing the mortality levels of his patients to one percent or less.


Today’s modern medicine faces the same challenge. We have not yet developed the tools that are refined enough to ‘see’ what the real challenges are to curing some diseases that we classify as ‘incurable.’


Dr Sarnat has, in this one of a kind book, studied nine clinical scenarios where a spiritual healer, Master John Douglas, is able to literally see the cause of these ‘incurable’ diseases. Not only can he see the cause of the diseases, he can enact quick, non-invasive cures. This merging of the spiritual and scientific will cause an explosion of new treatments and healings. A timely book for a new era of discovery and truth.”

Thomas Tomaselli, M.D.,  Senior Attending and

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

“Dr. Sarnat views health and disease through a novel paradigm, merging science, technology, and spirituality, providing proof and hope for sufferers of what previously have been considered incurable diseases. The implications of his peer-reviewed scientific research promise to change the entire future of how wellness and disease are evaluated and treated.  This book reveals how this is currently being implemented by Master John Douglas."

Philip Lichtenfeld, M.D., Medical Director, Encino Physicians Med Group

“In a time where truth is becoming harder to discern, health and medicine are no exceptions. Many experts claim to know the cause of an illness, yet a cure is often still out of reach. The numerous healings of Master John Douglas as documented by Dr. Sarnat shines a light on what has been hidden beyond our current understanding. This knowledge reveals the truth of our nature and shows how medicine can be transformed for the benefit of all."

Merrill Ken Galera, M.D.

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